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During my 2009 deployment to Afghanistan, I found myself preparing to appear before the Staff Sergeant promotion board. I felt like I could memorize the Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer easier if I made an mp3 of it to listen to as I studied. Later, I thought it might also help to create a video in which the text of the creed appeared on the screen as my voice recited it. I eventually uploaded the video to YouTube to help my fellow Soldiers learn the creed. It’s always been my most popular upload, with more than 263,000 views to date.

Eventually, people began to ask for a video and mp3 files of the creed. So that’s the reason this page exists. Although I no longer wear the uniform, my intent is to ensure that this content, which has helped so many Soldiers, remains available. Also included is the a reading called “I am the Sergeant,” which is often used in certain ceremonies.

Files will be here for Soldiers to freely download:

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