I am the Sergeant

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Revolutionary War

I am the Noncommissioned Officer. For over two centuries I have kept our Nation safe, purchasing freedom with my life. I was there in the beginning; my blood stained the ground as the shot was heard ‘round the world. My frozen hands pulled Washington across the Delaware. I struck from the swamps in the Carolinas. From Lexington to the Cowpens I fought for freedom from an English king. When democracy prevailed across our land, the bell for freedom I did ring.

War of 1812

In 1812 I mustered in again. A militiamen was I, taking up arms against a foreign invader. I wept as my proud capital was put to the torch. In time we regrouped and marched down to New Orleans. Cotton Bailers and pirates side by side that day, I drove the British from our land. I fought them with my Kentucky long rifle and made my final stand.

Mexican War

When the Lone Star joined the North and the Alamo fell, I marched south. Gathering along the Rio Grande, I prepared my forces for the long hot fight. Outnumbered I was, but cunning was the tactic I used as I split my forces and landed at Vera Cruz. I crossed the desert and laid siege to Mexico City. Great new territories were mine as I stretched the Union from sea to shining sea.

Civil War

A Nation divided in Sixty-one, we went our separate ways. I fought my brother, my father my son. Both blue and gray were the colors I wore. From Bull Run to Atlanta, Gettysburg and Appomattox I fought and I bled. I laid down my musket, sheathed my saber and embraced my former foe. Two countries I served uniting them strong, once and for all, righting our wrong.

Indian Wars

I pushed out across the great plains I escorted the pioneers, gold rushers, and wagon trains; I brought law to the land, and built a few towns. With great tribes, I clashed. They challenged me too, Cheyenne, Apache, Comanche, and Sue. Brave warriors in all, on horseback they rode. Treaties were broken, blood was shed, Little Big Horn was fought, I fell and I bled.

Spanish American War

I freed the Western Hemisphere from Spanish Claims. Landed in the surf on Cuban shores, charged the blockhouse at San Juan Hill and remembered the Maine. Puerto Rico was the next to be free raising my proud flag in triumph and victory. Far across the Pacific I sailed, stalking the Moro in the jungle of the Philippines. Still further I traveled, arriving in China, scaling walled cities along with the Marines.

WWI, Mexico

Once again I stirred when Pancho Villa attacked from the south; I mounted my steed and chased him back. The last of the classic battles I fought. On to France was the battle cry, and on to the modern battlefield I stepped. Machine guns and poison gas were the foe still, out of the trench, over the top I did go. I stood like a rock on the Marne. It was I who cracked the Hindenburg line. In the Argon I broke the Kaiser’s spine. On to the frozen Russian waste, I fought without care and still I did not come home until it was over; over there.


A generation older, I returned to duty. Like a slumbering giant I awoke at Pearl. I hit the sand in Africa, cutting my teeth at Kaserine. Up through the Italian countryside I pushed, driving into Rome. The English Channel was no match for me as I jumped out of the boats and on to the sand at Normandy. I broke out at St Lo, I unbent the Bulge and crossed the great Rhine. I drove deep into Hitler’s heartland. The thousand year Reich I crushed. In the Pacific, I hopped from Midway to Saipan. I returned at Battan. Islands fell before my gun I reached Japan and set the rising sun.


To arms I leaped at Koreas call. I held the line for a while but soon fell back after the maul. I gathered my forces around Pussan, soon I outflanked the Reds at Inchon. I pushed to the 38th line, held till relieved, victory was mine.


I brought peace to my southern neighbor in the Dominican, but again I was needed across the world, so off to Vietnam I went. From the Mekong to the Highlands, Hue on to Saigon, I fought the longest fight. I stalked the VC through the paddies and rivers, in the day and throughout the night.


I freed a small island from the clutches of evil, I jumped at Salinas, rescuing students and the people of Grenada. My only complete victory in the war against communism. Once again thanks to my cold steel, people were free.


In Panama the canal was threatened. Drugs were at hand. Again I jumped in. I fought from the sky, I fought from my barracks. I pushed into the city. I captured a dictator and kept open the Canal.

Desert Storm

Kuwait had been conquered, it’s fields aflame. I drew a line in the sand and called Saddam’s bluff. I liberated a kingdom and fed refugees. Although it was short I set new records, the farthest and the fastest ever to be.


The Balkans were split, Kosovo torn apart, I brought in my helicopters, and rockets, waited at the border ready to strike. I launched the attack to stop ethnic cleansing. I brought prosperity to the people and food to the table. I protected the crops in the field, taught people to forgive. I built the roads and base camps too. I served the UN and NATO till the oppression was through.


Today I fight a new kind of war, without boundaries, and tactics that I’ve used before. They may have hit us in our home land, but we’re stronger than ever and we’ll make our stand. Today I stand ready for tomorrow’s great fight. From high in the mountains, to under the sea, to the wet steamy jungles, cool German forests, hot sun baked deserts, the near and far east.

I’ll Keep watch on the world ‘till my work here is done… UNITED TOGETHER… ARMY STRONG !!!!


(Carry the Wounded is not affiliated with the United States Army or the Department of Defense.)