I Will Not Be #22 starts Pledge Program

An nonprofit organization called I Will Not Be #22 has started a Pledge Program.

The idea is for veterans and service members to pledge not to commit suicide.

“We were searching for ways to allow veterans and service members to take control of their lives. We wanted a method for them to be able to remind themselves that they are worth it. They are bigger and stronger than any demons on their backs. A pledge is the perfect way to deliver that empowerment.

When veterans and service members pledge not to be #22, they not only take an oath to save their own life, they promise to come to the aid of their brothers and sisters in need. The comradery shared by service members (both current and former) is something that only they will ever understand. By pledging not to be #22 they are further strengthening that bond. The Pledge represents a commitment to life and a promise to fight for the lives of their battle buddies.”

The Pledge Program is offered free of charge to anyone willing to commit to life and anyone willing to fight for the lives of those struggling with the difficulties that come with military service. Pledge takers will receive a Pledge Card to keep with them at all times in their wallet or purse as well as an I Will Not Be #22 wristband. These tokens serve as a reminder of the commitment to continue living and give pledgers the power to overcome their troubles. Pledge takers also have the option of being placed on The Pledge Wall, a page on their website that proudly displays each person that has taken The Pledge and wishes to be named.

People who wish to sponsor a pledge can make a donation.

Just $2 funds each pledge and empowers another veteran or service member to defeat their demons. You can even donate in honor of a friend or loved one and have them take the pledge, but a donation is not required for anyone to take the pledge.

The organization is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. And of course, they’re on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.